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Made by us at Ganders farm this is the Ganders Goat milk soap with added honey from one of our bee hives on the farm. The Ganders goat milk soap is kind to sensitive skin and with the natural antiseptic properties of the honey perfect for any areas of inflamed skin. along with the honey are only 4 natural ingredients including the special ingredient our own raw goats milk! This soap is perfect for sensitive skin and many skin conditions including positive result from those suffering psoriasis. Made with local rapeseed oil and coconut oil this soap produces a wonderful lather and moisturises the skin at the same time, a full body bar can be used all over including as shampoo. 

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NB. Our current honey bars are darker  than previous batches due to a natural change in the bees honey this year, welcome to seasonal variation using natural products!

Made by us at Ganders farm, this is our goat milk soap with added honey from one of our bee hives on the farm. When combined with the natural antiseptic properties of the honey this goat milk soap is incredibly kind to sensitive skin. Perfect for any areas of inflamed skin and many skin conditions including positive results from those suffering psoriasis.

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Along with the honey are only 4 natural ingredients including the special ingredient our own raw goats milk!  Made with local rapeseed oil it moisturises the skin better than olive oils do. To guarantee it produces a wonderful lather Coconut oil is added.

The final ingredient is Lye. A natural product that originated from wood ash, lye is used in all hard bars of soap. What is unique with goat milk soap is that this ingredient changes and combines with the goats milk to create Glycerine. A natural “food” for the skin glycerine encourages natural cell regeneration. The added bonus of the goats milk is it lowers the pH of the bar far closer to you skins natural pH. The result a full body bar, however at Ganders farm we prefer to use it as shampoo bar.

Shampoo Bars

We have found that the addition of the honey to our KISS soap created a great shampoo bar. A soap bar that cannot only be used all over the body but conditions the hair well as well as providing a great clean, important after a day on the farm!

Better for everyone!

Like all our bars it is Palm Oil free, to keep our bars free from palm oil was a decision we made at the start. You see palm oil is a major cause of  habitat lose in certain parts of the world. But what about “sustainable” palm oil? yes its better but still not perfect.

Of course that is all very well but what about plastic use? All our bars are plastic free and packaged in recyclable box, in fact 100% of our box is made of paper from recycled sources and the inks are all vegetable based.  Our postal packets and boxes are also paper based and guess what? easily recyclable and 100% recycled material!

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10 reviews for Honey Shampoo & Bodywash Soap

  1. Julie Howes (verified owner)

    Love this shampoo bar, so gentle on scalp too. I thought I’d try this soap as I am sick of all the chemicals used in today’s products. I will be using this brilliant shampoo bar from now on and would definitely recommend.

  2. Caroline

    I bought this soap to use on my German Shepherd dog mainly (as it has no chemicals) and she has a medical condition. This soap is perfect for her, cleans the open wounds with no irritation at all. Plus I have washed her whole body now twice and it leaves her coat brilliantly clean and fresh, and due to it not producing a lot of bubbles and lather (as no nasty chemicals) it washes out of her coat amazing quickly too (so saving on water!). I would 100% recommend this for humans and dogs. I am back to buy more!!!!

  3. Helen (verified owner)

    Lovely as a soap but not good as a shampoo. My hair did not feel clean at all and was rather greasy after using. Definitely would not use on my hair again

    • Ganders Goat

      We are glad you like it as a soap, with many hard bar shampoos it can take a couple of weeks for your hair to get used to it.

  4. Dani

    We’ve only just started using this soap and i absolutely love it. It smells and feels divine for the whole body. I’ve tried a couple of brands of goats milk soap for my eczema and this is my new favourite !

  5. Marie Papworth (verified owner)

    Amazing shampoo bar, left my hair super shiny and lots of people commented! It also doesn’t weigh down the hair so it feels soft and bouncy – totally recommend!

  6. Sabrina (verified owner)

    After many months of using it (1 year in March) I realised I forgot to leave a review 🤦‍♀️
    I only have one thing to say about it: do not give up!
    Yes in the first days/weeks your hair might not feel 100% clean but that is only because switching from liquid to solid shampoo takes some getting used to.
    After that your hair will thank you. Your itchy scalp won’t be itchy, your hair will be way more healthy.
    And you will be doing something good for the planet too: how many shampoos on the market only have 5 ingredients and come in recycling packaging? That is the only one I know 😉
    All of that thanks to happy goats, which I saw first-hand as I stayed for a couple of nights at the farm on the camping pitch.

  7. Kate B

    100% natural with a small number of ingredients which is a win … product performance is amazing and I was blown away … loads of foam/lather … a really squeaky clean wash … yet also just the right amount of moisture … hair clean, smells clean is shiny and full of body. I would say I am not completely new to shampoo bars which is why I probably haven’t experienced any transition issues … this morning was first wash! If you are completely new to shampoo bars it can take a couple of days for your hair to detox the toxins from whatever was being used before. After this it will wash clean and you will be helping the environment, this little business and your hair! This is by far the most natural and by far the best shampoo bar I have tried on my eco journey. My previous one did wash well but still contained too many nasty ingredients for my liking as many so called eco shampoo bars do to get them to foam. This bar proves an eco bar can tick all the boxes. Congratulations on a brilliant product!

  8. Joanna

    Lovely shampoo bar. Very pleased and will definitely be ordering again

  9. Joanna

    Fabulous – so effective and smells lovely too. Highly recommend. Favourite shampoo bar by a mile

  10. Jill (verified owner)

    Finally a shampoo that doesn’t sting my sensitive skin. I have suffered with contact dermatitis for many years and I am so thrilled to have stumbled across this. Please never stop making it!

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