Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions anwsered!

Do you do wholesale?

Yes, we have over 15 retailers and always welcome more, we strive to provide the best customer service possible, in fact we are proud to say that when an SOS call came in from a retailer on a bank holiday weekend to say they had sold out we had a delivery to them in just 20 minutes! If you would like to discuss stocking our products please contact us for a pricelist, sizes, and flavours.

We'd like you at our event can you do it?

We’d like to say yes but its not always possible as we only have a small team and a family to balance The best bet is to contact Lauren with dates and she can check availability for you. Events we have done include, Weddings, Open gardens, fetes, parties etc

What sizes do you do?

Our basic tubs are 480ml 5 serving tubs but we also do single service tubs with a spoon in lid and if you visit us at a market or event we also do scooped service!

Is it your own milk?

It is all our own milk, our herd of gorgeous girls produce all the milk we use to make the ice cream.

To milk a goat you need it to give birth what happens to all the kids?

We rear all the kids, some are reared to join the Ganders herd long term, some we find homes for often as pets or companion animals for horses, for those that are left having lived a pampered life at 6-12 months old they are sold to specialist meat producers, we can also supply joints directly if you want.