Why Ganders Goat Milk Ice Cream

Out at Market!
Out at Market!
Our ice cream has values,

We call it our ethos; everything we do on the farm we refer back to it, for want of a better word the ethos is a set of rules.

Does it need to be in there? If not its out!

Where has that come from? We spend a lot of time, and in many cases money trying to get the best ingredients from even closer to the farm to reduce food miles. Why bother you might ask, well the closer it is the fresher it is when it is used and that makes it taste better whilst also being better for the environment.

Could it be better? if we feel something has the chance to be better we will do everything we can to make that change!

This leads to ice cream with:

No Preservatives

No artificial Colours (always confuses kids as our strawberry ice creams not bright pink!)

No Artificial Flavours; all real!

Half the Calories*

Half the Fat*

Easier to Digest

No Cows in sight!

Less Food Miles as local as possible.

*compared to traditional ice cream.