KISS Gift Set with Basic Soap Airer

KISS Gift Set with Basic Soap Airer


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The Ganders Goat milk soap original recipe paired with hand made soap dish designed for our soap bars. The soap dish lets the bar air and dry out between uses allowing it to last longer. Available in four colours to suit your room.

Made with only 4 natural ingredients including the special ingredient our goats milk! This soap is perfect for sensitive skin and many skin conditions. This is where we started, originally developed for our son who was just a year old at the time. He was on every cream ointment and lotion available for his sore and sensitive skin. Within a very short time of using our first soaps his skin, and his mums dermatitis had clear up! Ganders goats milk soap was born!

Made with local rapeseed oil and coconut oil this soap produces a wonderful lather and moisturises the skin at the same time.  The fourth ingredient is Lye, a natural product used in all hard bars of soap that originated from wood ash. Whats unique with goat milk soap is that the lye changes and combines with the goats milk to create Glycerine. A natural “food” for the skin glycerine is great and encourages cell regeneration. Whats even better whilst all that is going on the goats milk lowers the pH of the bar far closer to you skins natural pH. A true full body bar can be used all over, in fact at Ganders Goat farm we use it for shaving and as shampoo (Bee Happy is the best shampoo bar).

Better for everyone!

Like all our bars it is Plam Oil free, to keep our bars free from palm oil was a decision we made at the start. You see palm oil is a major cause of  habitat lose in certain parts of the world. But what about “sustainable” palm oil? yes its better but still not perfect.

Of course that is all very well but what about plastic use? All our bars are plastic free and wrapped in fully recyclable paper outer wrap, in fact 90% of our wrap is made of paper from recycled sources.  Our postal packets are also paper based and guess what? easily recyclable


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