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Having been constantly asked for goat meat in March 2020 the decision was made to rear the majority goats born on the farm rather than sell them to other farms for rearing.  Each goat is barn reared for the first 3 months, once mature enough to be sensible goats and eating plenty of hay they are then moved out to graze our fields through the summer and autumn. Out in the fields they enjoy a nettle or two along with a wide spectrum of different plant species and form an important part of our environmental land management program. Once winter arrives they happily return to the barns to seek the shelter from the winter weather, where they enjoy a diet of our meadow hay, the odd treat and a small amount of feed.

Goat meat is incredibly low in fat when compared to lamb and so doesn’t get that greasy feel often associated with lamb. The meat can be cooked and treated just like lamb as a roast for a whole joint like a leg, but due to the slightly longer growing time a long low slow cook is the traditional way. Diced meat is the most common way to find goat in restaurants where chefs perhaps combine it with the aromas of  Moroccan tagines, the kick of oriental curries, but also just as great in the traditional slow cooked stew.

Rather than doing boxes of whole or half we set it up so you can choose the joints you want. The neck, leg and shoulder joints are all on the bone, whilst the rolled loin cannon is carefully boned out to create a wonderful roasting joint (a personal favourite). Each joint is supplied Vacuum packed for freshness and frozen. Collection direct from the farm is available or we can ship to the mainland UK (excluding highlands and islands) at a cost of £15 per order, free delivery does not apply to orders containing meat.

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