What’s In Our Soaps?

IngredientsOur base mix has only four ingredients.

  1. Rapeseed oil
  2. Goats milk
  3. Coconut oil
  4. Lye


It’s a tiny list isn’t it?!  Here it is expanded for you:

Rapeseed oil
Goats milk
Coconut oil


That’s it, nothing else.

As it goes through the magical process of soap making these four ingredients become three as the Lye bonds with each. This is why only three ingredients appear on the label each with a fancy new name!

What Is Lye?

Lye goes by several names, its official name is Sodium Hydroxide, Scary, no not really it is a natural chemical from wood ash, a strong alkali it bonds with the fatty acids in the oils to create a beautifully balanced pH soap just suited to your skin. All hard bar soap uses lye however the problem comes when you rush things, our soap cures over time (up to 6 weeks sometimes more) this allows the chemical process to complete naturally, however in the big factories they rush things using heat and pressure to speed things up completing the whole process in just hours, this leaves by products behind which can be damaging to your skin but is much cheaper to produce.

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